My Planet My Rights Online Poll

Climate change

More than 1 in 4 children under the age of five – or 1.7 million children – lose their lives due to preventable environmental impacts.

Despite being among the most affected by environmental harm, young people are given the least say in the matter.

This must change now

Thank you to the over 1,200 children from 102 countries who shared their concerns and solutions on the environment through the My Planet My Rights online poll. Your inputs informed intergenerational consultations, the development of the Global Charter on Children’s Rights, the Environment and Climate Change, General Comment No. 26 and other significant international policy and decision-making on children’s rights and environment.

It’s finally time that governments listen to young people.

Your impact

We ensure that your messages continue to be heard. Check out the regional and global reports, declarations and initiatives that you’ve helped inform.

General Comment No. 26

Non-toxic environment

Healthy and sustainable food

Human rights and the global water crisis

Human rights depend on a healthy biosphere

A Safe Climate: Human Rights and Climate Change

Declaration on Children, Youth and Climate Action

Latin America and Caribbean

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